Alice and Andy Wilton

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Okay, Okay so it's taken me a while to write this and i have no excuses other than its been a busy year.  As we come into wintertime and bad weather, traffic chaos and the looming thought of christmas and who to buy presents for etc etc is almost upon us.  I like to look back at some of the truly memorable things that I have had the great opportunity to shoot.  One of the best and most memorable weddings I've shot this year has to be Alice and Andy Wilton's.  from the moment i went to meet them i knew this was going to be something special.  Alice was fantastic and already had a good idea of what she wanted (which incidentally helps us as photographers A LOT!!)   Planning was meticulous and in August of last year i got the chance to shoot their pre wedding shoot in cardiff.     Which turned out awesome on one of the hottest (and most photographically challenging!) days of the year.

Still even though the lighting conditions were difficult and very bright!  Alice and Andy helped me get some amazing images as you can see.  We had a great time and even managed to get some images of a family of ducks!!

Wedding day came and we had an amazing start.  Alice showed me her bouquet and i have to say it's the best one I've EVER! seen - made up of jewels and brooches and exquisite jewellery it was also incredibly heavy.

Andy did try to escape at one point but was held back by his able best man.

Alice, however was calm, composed and looked beautiful in her dress.


They had a wonderful morning and managed to get to the church on time thank goodness.

After an emotional and rather wonderful ceremony in one of cardiff's oldest churches it was off to The Norwegian church in the bay.  A fantastic venue that offered perfect views over the bay.  With a great band and amazing company it was a fantastic night and a fantastic end to a fantastic day x






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