10 tips for taking better family images

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10 tips for taking better family images this Christmas

adalee shoot-3adalee shoot-3

Oh God!  Its literally Christmas in about 6 weeks - seriously only 6 weeks to Christmas!! If you are like me are getting ready to take family pictures for gifts and Christmas cards.  So i thought about how it's always nice to give personalised gifts to family and friends and if you're going to look at taking some images then here are some tips to follow which should make the experience more fun and hopefully memorable.

1. Grandparents are key.  Autumn going into winter is a lovely time in the park or on the beach if you live near the coast.  Children and grandparents have one thing in common too.  They both have a common enemy - us, parents!  The relationship between them is always a special one and in photos kids love having images with grandma and grandad, plus the older generation will appreciate personal gifts more than the latest gadgets etc.

2. If kids are sitting down, kneeling or just very vertically challenged! (toddlers! say no more)  Then get down to their level and shoot.  you should be the same level as their waist/chest ideally.  I see way too many photos of kids, their necks stretched at an awkward angle looking up at parents etc.  Do the work people - look at life from their perspective and it'll make for a much better image.

3. Feed your kids before taking them to the studio - Hungry kids make Hangry kids! - they are no fun when complaining about being hungry - bring a snack with you for them.

Abbie JonesAbbie Jones


4. If your kids aren't having fun or are a bit unhappy try tickling or swinging them round or playing with them.  Most often candid images are much, much cuter, sweeter, and are much more fun than the traditional “look and smile” posed photo.

5. Be silly with your kids.  ask them silly things and make funny faces - they always look better when having fun.  if mummy is behind the camera then get daddy to make faces behind mummy's head!

​6. if you're going to turn your images into a canvas doooooo remember to leave space around the image as canvas's are stretched around the wood frame and you'll lose their legs or head if you don't.

​7. if you're in the pictures with your children try not to point at the camera - children will always try and copy mum and you'll end up with a pointing image 

8. Don't be afraid to try new angles - lie them on the floor and shoot from above 

​9. Don't use an iPhone if you're going to blow the image up as a big canvas ..... its not going to look great please trust me on this one!!

10. Have fun and enjoy - remember you're making memories as well as images.





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