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Why is Wedding Photography the best job in the world?

Well firstly I'm pretty sure not every photographer would agree with me.  I'm a member of the Guild of National Photographers and speak to hundreds of other members every year.  When speaking to some of them they absolutely detest the idea of even taking a camera to a wedding.  Though I do get it.  It's hard work.  Its not for everyone.  Unless you're earning minimum 4 figures (starting with a 3) and doing 30 or more a year, it's not going to make you rich.




When my parents got married (Many, many years ago - my dad is coming up to 80 soon and still going strong.) they were considered snobs for having a wedding photographer at their wedding.  Though they only managed to get a few pictures on the day, those to me are the most precious memories i will treasure of them.  This is because these were taken at a time when they were hopelessly in love and in an uncertain future they were certain of one thing that they wanted to be together and more than 40 years on i can say that they still are.

We have a responsibility to our clients as photographers be it portrait, commercial or any other type of photography to produce work of great quality that has emotion and substance.  Great photographers are much better at doing this, seeing the emotion in a scene and getting the clients view right.

Being part of one of the most special days in anyones life is such a privilege that I and many other colleagues of mine, people in the same line of work do not take for granted.  People pay a lot of money to professional wedding photographers and with that comes the skill, the training, the discipline and the art of capturing timeless images for years to come.

Being surrounded with so much joy on one single day is such a great feeling - it literally envelops you and makes you feel amazing to be around and that adds to the creation of great images.  Someone once said "if you want to make more interesting photographs - point your camera at more interesting things"  Well, i'm here to tell you that theres nothing more interesting than seeing two people in love and the connection they have both with each other and with family.  If you're a photographer you can learn so much from watching people at weddings (whilst capturing the day of course).  If you're a bride choose someone who is completely passionate about their work and what they do and you will not go far wrong.

Thats it for today.  Thank you for reading.  I hope you enjoyed.

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