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Why do I love wedding photography?  I mean, I've done lots of things in my life.  I worked on computers since I was 16.  Played in bands, even once got arrested whilst carrying fake guns through an airport whilst in a village people tribute band in Abu Dhabi (we actually weren't that bad!).

The main reason is that capturing memories is more than just my job.  It's my passion. and my ability to capture a great image I've learned means so much to other people.  I never had that really in any other job that I did.  The ability to be able to capture people's most important life events and emotions is an incredible privilege and an honour and the fact that I love it is fantastic to me.  I love learning about how to capture a better image, a better moment improving every time.

"Weddings just seemed to be the right vehicle to achieve that, to be honest as there's such a breadth of human emotion encompassed in such a short period of time that it seemed strange to do any other type of photography.

Capturing the excitement of Weddings means that I get to see the whole breadth of human emotion.

I constantly feel connected to people and to be such an important part of their wedding day is a real privilege. Every wedding I photograph takes me back to my own wedding, what an amazing day I had and reminds me of how I felt.  Something I think comes through in my images that I capture and create"

Winner of the Guild of Photographers Special Contribution to Photography award 2016

Trained with Roberto Valenzuela (Canon Explorer of Light, Author, and Trainer), Frankfurt 2017

Trained with World Reknown Headshot Photographer Canon Explorer of Light, Author and Trainer Peter Hurley 2019