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Taken me ages but here goes

August 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

So firstly if you're reading this I'd like to say a big thanks.  It's not often I get an opportunity to write my blog post but todays blog is about pre wedding shooting.  I recently shot a pre wedding shoot for some friends (who's wedding I'm shooting this weekend) and had an absolute blast.  We met there around 7.15 - 7.30 and the light was already amazing. We walked up the hill and shot some pictures at the top (I think Rhianwen was regretting wearing flip flops though!  We then took a stroll down to the beach and walked all along the rocks getting some great shots.  Michael & Rhianwen

I really wanted to get my take on the hand heart shot that ive seen a few times and the result is below. 

Michael and Rhianwen

 I really enjoyed shooting this couple and am really looking forward to shooting their wedding this weekend.  I could really tell how in love they were with them being so at ease with each other and so easy when I asked them to do things like climbing up the wall Rhianwen!! Just to get the shot that we're going to use!  (I knew you'd love it!!). Michael was totally into it too (usually it's just the ladies trying to convince their future hubby to get involved! Thank you both for the fantastic evening! 

Good Luck Saturday.




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